3 Ways to Make Money from GSM Numbers

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Good day valued friends, today I want to share with you the 3 Ways to Make Money from GSM Numbers

Starting With

Having access to the entire GSM Numbers Database Of Nigeria, as tech blogger I Will make your journey to making money from the GSM Numbers Easier

In other words I Will not just show you the 3 ways to make money from GSM Numbers, I will be giving you access to all the tools and secrets marketing techniques required to make money from GSM Numbers

So back to the Topic, 3 Ways To Make Money From GSM Number,

Step One

Having GSM Numbers

If you have been an active follower of Mbonu Watson and you are on my mailing list, you should know that. Once it comes to Databases, be it the GSM Numbers Database, Email Database, Nigeria Business Directories, and other countries Databases

My humble tech blog Mbonuwatson.com remain your number home in getting them

So to get

The entire GSM Numbers Of Nigerians well categorize in the state by state, local government by the local government with people names, phone numbers, sex, etc covering the 36 states and FCT Abuja of Nigeria

You need to watch this video below

I have previously given away the entire GSM Numbers of Nigerian to the public at 100% free and tens to thousands of people worldwide benefited from the offer,

So today am about to do same, but just for the first 100 people

I will be giving the entire GSM Numbers Of Nigerians worth about 200k for free To the first 100 people that can text the word, ( GSM Numbers ) to this Number 08068608490.

You Can Use SMS OR Whatsapp. Once you are among the first 100 to do so, you will get the Entire GSM Numbers Of Nigerian, Download link sent to you

How To Download The GSM Numbers

Here are steps on how to download the GSM Numbers of Nigerians, once the download link has been sent to you.

First Step

Is to click on the link that was sent to your email address or your Whatsapp Number, once done, this is what you will see. The Google Cloud Interface where the files are stored. See Pictures Below

If you are accessing the files from your mobile phones, this is the mobile interface of google cloud that you will see

So be it from Desktop View or Mobile View all you need do is to start downloading the entire GSM Numbers Of Nigerians, or best download individual files.

So now that you have the GSM Numbers Of Nigerians. Well categorized by the state by state, local government by local government.

What Next

The answer to what next, takes us to the second step of the 3 ways to make money from gsm numbers

STEP TWO: To Make Money From GSM Numbers

Is very simple, and that is having a Business Products or Services

Yes having business products or services, the business or services here may not necessarily be your own business. For example

It can be other people’s business and services, that is if you don’t have business products or services, for now, you can always leverage other people’s own products and still make good money from GSM Numbers. Eg

  • It could be having a Network Business MLM
  • It could be promoting other people’s business products and services
  • It could be promoting affiliate products or services
  • It could be promoting your employers business products or services etc

The list goes on and on as the truth remains that, to make money from GSM Numbers you need something in the form of products or services to sell to the public via mobile marketing in exchange to their money

Be it your products or services, be it other people’s or companies’ products or services, you need products or services to sell to the public. That is the hard truth

Haven said that

In other to make your journey easier, I have created a Step By Step Complete Digital Marketing Academy course. Containing Softwares, Tools, Videos, eBook, Resource Box, etc

Needed not just in making money online, But Also to create your products or service or best Join Affiliate Marketing

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The 3 Ways To Make Money From GSM Numbers

Once you have gotten the GSM Numbers and you have a product or service or best both product and service to promote to this GSM Numbers.

You are good to go in getting started making money from GSM Numbers, but you have to settle the final step.

Being The Step 3 Of the 3 Ways To Make Money From GSM Numbers

And here is it, if you fail this step 3, you have failed in all, so what is the step 3

Mobile Marketing

In other to understand this step 3, you need to understand what I mean by mobile marketing, so that takes us to

What Is Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel online marketing technique focused on reaching a specific audience on their smartphones, feature phones, tablets, or any other related devices through websites, E-mail, SMS and MMS, social media, or mobile applications.

How Do You Go About: Using Mobile Marketing In Making Money From The GSM Numbers

First: You have gotten the GSM Numbers, Right. And second you now have product or service to promote to this GSM Numbers, Right

So finally, you need the following mobile marketing tools

1: Whatsapp bulk sender. You can get it here
2: BulkSMS Portal: You can get it here

But first, let discuss on how to use these two Mobile Marketing tools, starting with the

Whatsapp Bulk Sender

To use Whatsapp Bulk Sender, you need to get the app from here

Here Is How To Use It:

First remember, you have already downloaded the entire GSM Numbers of Nigerians.

Next: is targeted marketing

So you have to employ targeted marketing starting with the state your business or services is located. That is if your business is in Rivers state Nigeria. E,g

I am a web developer, due I provide service worldwide, but I am based in Port Harcourt, so if I am to start marketing, using the Targeted Marketing Techniques, then this is what I should do. You should apply such as well

First, I will do my best to focus on Rivers state and cover the entire rivers state before moving to another state, How can I do such

It’s simple with the both Whatsapp Bulk Sender and SMSAfrica24.com Bulksms portal.

First, Download And Install The Whatsapp Bulk Sender Into Your Computer System

Watch This Video Below

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed it, you need to launch it on your computer, this is how the interface looks likes. See picture below


You need to locate the GSM Numbers Database of your destination and upload or import it into the WhatsApp bulk sender and you have to do this one file after the other.

After importing the GSM Number file or best copied it into the WhatsApp bulk sender, next is to click on the filter feature of the app And filter the numbers, the active WhatsApp numbers from the non-active Whatsapp numbers

I know some of you will be asking, Why Filter Numbers, Here is the secret. The GSM Numbers database is generalized numbers containing both non-active WhatsApp numbers and some active Whatsapp numbers

So you need to filter them in other to separate the active WhatsApp numbers from the none active WhatsApp numbers and use the same Whatsapp Bulksender to blast your marketing campaigns’ to the active WhatsApp numbers you have filtered

For more info on Effective Whatsapp Marketing, Get The Whatsapp Bulk sender, It comes with Whatsapp Marketing Kit

Using SMSAfrica24.com

All you need do is to go to SMSAfrica24.com or use any bulk SMS website of your choice, over there you have to create a user account, which in most cases is free

In our case, we will be using SMSAfrica24.com. so once you are on SMSAfrica24.com, click on create an account and create your free user account, after you have created your free user account, send your email address to 08068608490 for activation of your account. Once your account has been activated. You are good to go

NEXT: You Will Need An SMS Units In Other To Send Bulk SMS, So Watch This Final Video On The 3 Ways To Make Money From GSM Numbers

Hope You Enjoyed This

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