Best Free Web Hosting Company, In The World. Revealed

Best Free Web Hosting Company, In The World. Revealed


Today Is A Day Of Good Fortune , so pay attention to these post, As I Introduce you to, The Best Free Web Hosting Company In The Word, I will like You to leverage for your web hosting need


You see? A good Friend is he that provides you with something of value, so today I want to be a good friend to you , not just by providing you value, but making your day today a day of good fortune. Viewen as you may know, is a cloud hosting provider, and my  top 1 Free Cloud Web Hosting company in the world, they free cloud hosting service is far more better than all the paid hosting service i have ever used in the past sex years+


Believe me when i say that Viewen is 100% Free Cloud web hosting provider and the best free web hosting company in the world,  99% Far better that all paid web hosting providers that I have ever used, ever since I started my career in web development, design and hosting as far back in the year 2011, and.

You know as an Internet Marketer /  Developer, I have use a lot of web hosting company, somany of them, mostly the paid hosting companies, over the years just to deliver my personal projects and that of my clients projects and services. So when it comes to hosting services, I have had a first class web hosting experience, some of my experience are good, while others are too bad.

Among all odds, My Good Fortune on wed hosting career came to live the very day I came in contact with viewen Free web hosting company and decided to give them a try, it was indeed a day of good fortune as the service and support i received from viewen free cloud hosting was mind blowing and come to talk of it, viewen server is supper fast. so as an Internet Wealth Evangelist I’m. I can’t take the glory alone, i have to share it to the world and more importantly to my blog readers and social followers to start leveraging viewen  Free Cloud Hosting Services for there hosting need

So pay attention to these post as i work you through on how to sign up your free account with viewen and get started hosting your website on cloud, but before I do that, let me give you a breakdown of what you will get from Free  Web Hosting Company once you sign up and got your account activated by viewen support team


Super Powerful Cloud Hosting With cPanel

Free SSL

Free Support

Free Softaculous

Unlimited Control Panels

Unlimited Resources

Active Social Media Team

Each Server Has a Mayor

No ID or Credit Card Required And Much More


To Get Start hosting you website (s) with viewen, you will need to visit they official site, go here and click on sign up, then select any of the fanatical solutions, see picture below

After you have selected your choice of fanatical solutions and have click on Start Publishing, it will take you to the next step, where you will need to enter you domain name and extension and click on use.. see picture below

In my own case and just for sample porpuse, i entered a domain e.g and click on use, so all you have to do is to enter you own valid domain name, you must have registered with any of the domain registry company, once correctly done, you will be on the next step, see sample picture of my below

As you can see above, the cart is $0.00 USD, What does that tells you, it tells you that your hosting account is completely free. so you have to click on checkout, but before you click on check out, you have to do the following

You Have To Click On Viewen Like Box and link them and Also Click On Share Box and share they great service, so once done, you can now proceed by clicking on Checkout and enter your personal details, see sample pictures below

Once you have completely fill up  your personal details and have click on complete order, here is what you will get, A thank you page with your order confirmation number.. see sample below

So at these stage, you will need to return back to your email inbox area and confirm your order from the emails sent to you by see sample email picture below

One of the email viewen will send to your mail inbox contain you account information, while the other is a simple steps you need take in other to get your account activated.. here is a sample picture

Note: Upon creating your free account and login into your client area if you notice that you web browser ip address is changing often, i will recommend you using tor browser in access you client area as well accessing your cpanel account, once viewen support team activate you account, so you may likely have to download tor browser here and install on your pc.. in other to proceed to your client area and that of your cpanel


2 Steps You Need To Take And Get Your Account Activated:

Like on Facebook (By liking them on Facebook, will helps them verify that the FB account you provided to them is yours).
– Log into Your Viewen Dashboard And Let Them Know You Agree With The Terms of Services

-Also Give them information about the website you want to host on there server, tell them what the website is all about, by following these simple steps you will get your account activate, with your account cpanel details sent to your email address

But before you can do that, you need to login into you Viewen Dashboard

and let them know you agree with there terms of services by opening a support ticket.. see sample picture below

So once you click on Open a Ticket, You have to tell Viewen Support Team That You Agree To Their Terms and Services and Also Provide Them with Information about your website


You Have To Tell Them The Type of services or products the website you are hosting on their plant form is offering

Please Give Them the complete details about your website


and Let them know that you agree with their terms and services

and more importantly

Remember To Like Them On Facebook as well share them on facebook, Please See Sample Below on how to send a support ticket in other to get your account activated

If you are able to follow the above steps , Your Account will be activated and Your account cpanel details will be sent to the email address you provided during your sign up process. Once your account is activated next is to configure your cpanel



Which is very simple, just follow these link How To Configure cPanel Properly to get your Cpanel Configured… and start enjoying your viewen free cloud hosting, my best free web hosting company in the world… ENJOY PREMIUM WEB HOSTING SERVICE FOR FREE


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    Each time I renew my webhost there is always an increase in price but now let go free… thnkz

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