Remember there are no already made jobs waiting for fresh graduates

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Remember there are no already made jobs waiting for fresh graduates

So stop telling the young kids, youth man, young girls studying in Secondary and higher institutions to always study very hard, get good grades, make sure they come out with good results and then find works

Please stop telling them lies, telling them that Nigeria as a country is creating jobs for her citizens is like brain poisoning, as most of them will end up believing such lies, only to graduate and get frustrated for being jobless or underemployed

Developer Mbonu Watson 25th September 2020

Please stop this lies, its called brain poisoning, because there are no already made jobs waiting for anybody in Nigeria, There maybe for the children and relations of the corrupt politicians and the ruling class, but to the majority of Nigeria citizens, There is No Job Availability in Nigeria

In America is all about what you can do, In UK Is all About Your Certificate ( What You Can Offer ) while in Africa is all about who sent you, Who recommended You, some once you are not connected and has no one to send or recommend you, depending on your educational certificate mean nothing

Remember there are no already made jobs waiting for fresh graduates

The only solution is to learn skills, don’t wait until you finish secondary school, higher institution to start talking about financial responsibility and independence, start now to work towards your financial freedom

Start thinking about making money, more money, learn investing, Invest more on assets, stop waiting for money and valuable resources to come your way, use your abilities

Don’t wait to finish school and start searching for jobs, start now to search for part-time jobs, yes you can be in secondary school or higher institution working part-time, or best learn skills and become an employer of labor, even while in school, don’t wait until you finish school and possible went for NYSC and come back with BIG BIG CV that is worthless in this part of the world

Developer Mbonu Watson: 25th September 2020

The educational system lied to us, In Nigeria, things are not getting better, the government are looting the natural resource and are busy storing, stashing money everywhere in dollars for themselves and that of their children, children They care not about the masses, they care less about you and me.

So don’t just study alone, also plan to learn new skills, don’t just go to school with the hope of after graduation you will get a job, this is Nigeria, education in this part of the world is a joke, be wise

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Go here to view Premium Naira Learn eCourses. Stay Blesss and learn to love yourself the more, don’t wait for anybody, don’t depend on anybody for help, if only you can take this word and but into practice, in time you will be an employer of Labour

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This article Remember there are no already made jobs waiting for fresh graduates was written and share on 25th September 2020 for the love of my community

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