How He Went From Millionaire To Nothing (One Mistake You Must Avoid)

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Have you ever come in contact with someone who was making thousands to million #Naira in sales weekly but later went to zero level, this is the sad story of my friend

Am talking about someone who was making this huge amount of money during the early days of #Home_Videos #DVD #Music_Album sale trends and even pirated foreign films/movies but ignored to upscale when the need arise

You see, nothing last forever, no business model lives forever, the thing always change, years ago he was making a lot of money selling #Films, #Movies #Music in DVD format, making huge profits, and was on the money

So as time goes by he ignored the fact that nothing last forever, he failed to upscale his business to the growing trends, not until he started seeing low sales, the lowest you can imagine, and a massive drop in profits

With the likes of Cable TVsocial media site, and internet streaming taking over, people are switching over to new models, Netflix, and the rest, Social media platforms also arising, while sales of duplicated DVDs are fast declining. Yet he ignores to upscale despite having the finance to remodel his business

So my friend failed to acknowledge the fact, rather he thinks, the low sales and drop in profits were the handiwork of his enemies, that Satan the devil’s hands are behind it

Instead of him upscaling his business to the latest trend in his niche business, he chooses to visit prayer houses praying for his dying DVD business to bounce back to normal, months comes years goes and things became worse

As a failure of that, a few years later he was unable to renew his shop rent, then his house rent, and finally finds himself back in his village. Sad story you may say

That is what ignorance can cause us, may such never be your potion, even as I write to you now he still blames his failure on his enemy and the devil instead of acknowledging the change in niche trends

The fact that no business model lasts forever, you must be so active to know where your business niche and model are heading to upscale at the right time or ex you will lose out

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