My Africa Dream, The Africa Social Media Portal

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For over 10 years it has been my dream to develop a social media platform and God willing we are 60% set to launch the Africa SOSO Africa Social Media Platform which has been in development for over 3 years

This has been the African dream, let’s say my beloved Africa Dream which is 100% focused on putting Humanity First, this is a project my team and I are very determined on and God has been helping us. We Thank God

Yes, it has not been easy but is progressing and we the entire team of Africa SOSO and members of NL_SOFT actively on this project return all Thanks To God almighty. 

So irrespective of where you are reading this from the world, please stay tuned to the launch of the Africa Social Media any time soon.

The Core Features You Will Find On The Africa Social Media Are

Text Posting

Image Posting

Video Posting

Audio Posting

Commenting, Likes, Share

Yes the above are the core features that will come with the first release, these core features are subject to more improvement as time goes on

Other necessary features are as follows

There are numerous features you will also find on Africa Social Media among such we are working on, are some of the common features found on social media platforms. Including  

1. User Profile: Each user of Africa Social Media will have a personal profile, users can create personalized profiles with information about themselves, such as a profile picture, bio, handle name, and other details.

2. Posts: Users can share content in various formats like text, photos, videos, links, audio, and gifs. These posts are typically visible to their users followers or friends.

3. Time Line or News Feed: The news feed is a constantly updating stream of posts from users, followers, or friends’ accounts that users see when they log in. It shows the most recent and relevant content based on Africa Social algorithms.

4. Comment, Like, Share Reaction Buttons: Users can engage with posts by commenting, liking them, or sharing, users can use reactions with emojis that express different emotions like love, laughter, sadness, dislike, etc.

5. Comments: Users can comment on posts to share their thoughts have discussions, and engage with posts with others who have also interacted with the post.

6. Sharing/Retweeting/Reposting: What we refer to as ReSOSO, All users of Africa Social can share others’ posts on their profile or platform, either re-sharing as it is or adding their comments.

7. Followers/Friends: Users can connect with other users by following or becoming friends with them to see each other’s posts on their news feeds. This is one interesting feature most users will love

8. Direct Messaging/Private Chat: The soon-to-go-live Africa SOSO platform will include a feature for direct private messaging between users for one-on-one conversations, as well as possible group chats.

9. Notifications: Platforms send notifications to users to notify them of activities related to their account, such as likes on their posts, shares, or comments made on their content.

10. Hashtags and Trending Topics: Hashtags, trending topics, and categorizing and searching for specific topics while trending topics show popular discussions happening at the moment. These features are well included in Africa SOSO

11. Search Functionality: Most social media platforms allow users to search for specific accounts, pages, hashtags, or topics of interest within the platform. Knowing how important SEO is, we have made the social media platform 100% search engine-ready and friendly

12. SOSOS Explore/Discover Page: This feature suggests new content based on a user’s interests and activities on the platform, often showcasing popular or recommended posts.

13. Live Streaming: This feature will not come with the first release, but will have room for it where users can live stream video content in real-time, allowing their followers or friends to join and interact through comments or reactions.

14. Privacy Settings: The soon-to-be-live social media platform will provide privacy settings that allow users to control who can see their profile information, posts, and other activities.

15. Analytics/Insights: Users will have access to analytical tools that give users insights into the performance of their posts or pages, such as reach, engagement rate, and follower demographics. etc

16. Events/Groups/Forum: Users can create or join events and groups centered around specific interests or communities where they can interact with like-minded individuals.

17. User Blocking: If a user wants to prevent another user from interacting with them or seeing their content, they can block them, we gave users such right to control who sees their post content and interact with them on a personal level.

These are just some of the features you will find on Africa’s social media platform once is live. While we are open to further suggestions and improvement on this project

Should you want to be part of these projects or support us in any way, please kindly save my WhatsApp number +2348068608490 and WhatsApp me, I love to hear from you

We Thank God So Much for how He Has Helped Us With This Project, too soon it will be fully launched. I Thank God

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