The Greatest Nice You Can Ever Be Is To Make Money

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The Greatest Nice You Can Ever Be Is To Make Money

Take it or leave it, is for real,
The best ways to be nice is to make money
I Mean make money
Make more money
Keep making more and more Money

By so doing
You can be a nice man, A Nice woman
A Nice husbandman to your lovely wife
When you make money, you are then a handsome man

A Nice wife
Make the money you are then a Nice father,
A Nice mother
When you make money people listen to you
Virtually 99% of what you say are valued

Even pastors will call for your deliverance if you are poor
Some will tell you, your poverty is rooted in your village,
Possible that your village people
Or Your innocent granny is responsible for your poverty
That you need deliverance
Maybe Maybe not, they may be right or wrong
Spirituality is deep in this part of the world, Africa Nigeria

But the truth is that, to make money
You need to have product or services
To exchange for money
So if you have a product or service
Then you need buyers traffic
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To be nice, make more money o
You are nobody in your village meeting without money,
Your girlfriend will say you are not the right one if money is not forthcoming

Even your wife will assume she made the wrong choice when the money is not there yet
Just because you got no money
People will stay away from you
Friend will leave, neighbors will mock you
Even poor people you are far better than will call you poor
All your Mr nice guy dies without money

Think niceness, think more money
The greatest nice YOU can ever be is to make money
Take it or leave it, you are not nice without money in your banks

To make money, I mean cool cash, you should be able to have products or service to exchange for money
If you do have a product or service, then you are entitled to make more money

There are various ways to drive money into your account, selling your product, services faster OR best selling other people’s product and service

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If you like you believe this if you like you don’t
But be nice to your self by believing this
With innovative technology everything is possible and
This is 100% sure and working

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Never settle for anything poor, the good life and happy living is in wealth, make money and have more peace with God, with your self, with your loves one and live happy after, be nice and think money, for life is for the living

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